by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Mike Adams of interviewed Dr. Stella Immanuel today on his Brighteon platform as part of his “Brighteon Conversations.”

This is a great channel to subscribe to, as Mike has had some incredible guests featured, and he puts out his own podcast each day, the “Situation Update.”

Readers of Health Impact News will be familiar with Dr. Stella Immanuel of the Frontline Doctors, who runs her own medical clinic in Houston.

Mike and Dr. Stella discuss the COVID-19 injections, and discuss the spiritual battle with the Luciferian Agenda.

The presentation at West Point by Dr. Charles Morgan that Dr. Stella references in this interview is found here on YouTube.

For a more detailed description of the spiritual battle we now find ourselves in the middle of, see:

Unmasking Who is Behind the Plandemic and Rioting to Usher in the New World Order