Foundational Articles on Healthy Living

The purpose of the website and blog is to publish the truth regarding health assuming creation as our starting point, or foundation.

Please note that we are not primarily an information source for proving creation in the creation/evolution debate.

The scientific/physical arguments for creation are well represented all over the Internet and in hundreds if not thousands of books. Check our resource links for places to get started on this topic, if that is what interests you.

Since God created us for a purpose, it is essential that we understand what His plan is for our lives to attain any kind of health. We will look at why our current approach to health doesn’t work, because it is based on a rationalistic mindset that sets the physical above the spiritual, starting with evolution as the foundation and removing God from the picture.

In this mindset, the human body is viewed more like a machine with a strictly physical approach to health. The body is seen as something to be “fixed”, much like a machine.

Under this approach health is a commodity to be purchased from elite experts who are qualified to repair you. We will see how true health is something that cannot be purchased but is a free gift from God to all who believe in Him and receive his gifts and promises.

Our guide is the best-selling book of all time, the Bible.

Intro: The Bible: What is it, and why should we read it?

  1. Foundations For Life: What’s Yours?
    A comparison of the Creation foundation and the Evolution foundation, and how it shapes our lives and culture and the choices we make.
  2. Re-Creation: The Rebirth
    Our physical bodies are decaying and will eventually die, but our spirit can be renewed and re-created, bringing about true health. This is a permanent solution to our health problems, and it is a FREE offer available to all – it cannot be purchased.
  3. Living in the Kingdom of Light
    A survey of how our life is different after we are re-born into the kingdom of light, and the implications it has for our health.
  4. Who do you Trust?
    Simple child-like faith in God’s unfailing love for us is the path to receive everything we need to overcome the kingdom of darkness and live victoriously in the kingdom of light.
  5. The Authority to Heal
    Jesus has the authority to heal, and that authority will bring one into conflict with the world’s health authorities.
  6. The Creation of Wealth
    Don’t pursue wealth or you will be running backwards! Having a proper understanding of wealth is a key component in your health and well-being.

Appendix: Peace with God
Make peace with God and stop stumbling around in the kingdom of darkness, and start walking in the kingdom of light. This is Brian’s story about how he survived a suicide attempt and how he came to find peace with God and began walking in the light through spiritual rebirth.

Devotionals Shorter articles published weekly based on the truths found in the main articles published here.