Vaccine Injury Prayer Clinics will be Needed for the Coming Tsunami of Vaccine Injuries

This is a message for born-again believers and followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. The original article to which it responds is here: "September DOJ Report Lists 200 Vaccine Injuries and 1 Vaccine Death Compensated During 6 Month Period – And that’s Without a Fast-Tracked COVID Vaccine" The subject is vaccine injury and the call is for the establishment of Vaccine Injury Prayer Clinics. This article advised us that UK-based AstraZeneca, one of the leading companies fast-tracking a COVID vaccine, halted Phase 3 trials due to a negative adverse reaction among the test participants. Particularly one who developed transverse myelitis of the spinal cord. I had to look this up because it is so unusual in the natural, occurring rarely and mostly in severe cases of multiple sclerosis. But in the toxic world of vaccines, it is a sadly common injury. This is a severe injury for which there is no medical treatment, since a medical treatment has caused it. You do not recover from this unless there is Divine intervention. It is absolutely best to avoid it. But for many people, avoiding the toxic and dangerous coronavirus vaccine to come may be next to impossible. The Satanists who are driving the pharma industry to produce these dangerous biologics and the complicit governments who are preparing and implementing tyranny upon tyranny to force them upon people, may succeed in their goal of injecting millions and millions with this stuff. Suffice it to say we are looking at the arrival of the New World Order tyranny storm. There are already many vaccine injured people. But when the new coronavirus vaccines are rolled out, especially if they are forced or otherwise coerced upon people, this phenomenon will explode. You can be sure that the medical world will be no help as they are really a part of the problem now. Indeed, front line medical workers who are assured to be among the first to receive the new vaccine, will be claimed as its first victims. So the multitude of new vaccine injured people will have no other recourse but to turn to God for help. That is where believers in Jesus who know how to do the prayer work of healing ministry, will come in. People are going to need help and they are going to need people who know how to pray for them to get it. This is why I am calling for the establishment of Vaccine Injury Prayer Clinics across the land.