Dealing with Unhealthy Anger

Are you caught in a circle of anger and frustration over the "unfair" circumstances of your life, and your powerlessness to be able to do anything about it? If so, then be assured that you are right where God wants you to be, in a position to come to him in faith and helplessness and to "wait patiently for him." Replace your frustration and anger by "delighting yourself in the Lord," and you will soon experience the joy and peace that comes from trusting in God.

How to be Restored from Sickness

The way sickness was viewed in Biblical Old Testament times and the way sickness is viewed today in the 21st century is almost in completely opposite terms. In Old Testament times, sickness was primarily viewed as a judgment from God for sins. This view primarily stemmed from Israel’s experience in the Exodus from Egypt, when God inflicted plagues on the Egyptians. In our modern day post-Darwin era, sickness is almost always viewed as strictly a result of natural causes, with no thought given to spiritual issues such as sin. Medicines and other cures are seen as the remedy for all sicknesses. If a cure does not exist in medicine, it is believed that one will be discovered in the future through scientific research. Both of these views are extreme and imbalanced. Read how King David, the most righteous king that ruled Israel in Old Testament times but nevertheless suffered from sickness, dealt with his illness, and how he was healed and restored. The principles he teaches for restoration from sickness still work today!

Healing from Jesus is More Effective than Our Current Healthcare System

During the first century a small band of disciples of Jesus traveled from city to city healing people. This caused quite a controversy as the traditional health care systems in place started to lose money and power, since the healing being conducted in Jesus' name was so much more effective. Could the same thing happen today?

The Source of True Healing

A story from the acts of the first disciples of Jesus in the first century clearly illustrates where true healing comes from, and how persecution from the "health authorities" invariably arises whenever people are healed outside of the prescribed medical paradigm of the day. Throughout history men have sought to control healing, and keep the healing arts out of the hands of the masses. The authority to heal in Jesus' name has always been a threat to profit-based healthcare, because it delegates healing to the common masses instead of profit-driven licensed medical authorities.

The New Standard for Love

Jesus took the command of the “Golden Rule” to love someone as you love yourself to a whole new level. He loved others MORE than he loved his own life. He treated others as MORE important than himself. He gave up his very life for the sake of others – the most extreme expression of human love possible.

Spiritual Cleansing and Detox

We live in a very polluted environment these days, and much of our food is mass produced and altered in such a way that we end up consuming toxins that our body needs to process and eliminate in order for us to enjoy good physical health. There are a variety of cleansing and detoxification protocols and products used today for these physical cleansings of the body. But your spirit also is subject to spiritual toxins, and we are all in need of spiritual cleansing on a regular basis to keep our spiritual life healthy.

Are You Relying on God’s Love?

We can’t rely on ourselves, and we can’t rely on others. We can only rely on God’s love. It is not enough to just simply know about God’s love intellectually. We have to have the kind of experience with God and his love where we rely upon it, because we are living inside God’s love, and his love is living inside of us through the Holy Spirit. That kind of experiential knowledge of God’s love will change our life, and the lives of those around us.

Is Your Life Effective and Productive?

Being effective and productive in life begins with our minds, and understanding the “great and precious promises” that Christ has given us, and the “divine power” that is available to us. But it then moves beyond the intellectual knowledge, and produces faith in our life to put into practice the things we know are true. What good are great and precious promises and divine power if we never use them and put them into practice? When we put them into practice, we possess the qualities of an effective and productive life that are listed here by Peter: faith – goodness – knowledge – self control – perseverance – godliness – brotherly kindness – love.

Our Need for “Daily Bread”

Do you recognize that you need to depend upon God for your “daily bread?” Do you go to him in prayer asking him to supply you with the healthy food your body requires? Do you trust the people who supply your food? Do you even know who they are? Do they trust God? What will happen if you go to the store one day and find that the shelves are bare because those you put your trust in to supply your food have failed? Is the food you are now buying even healthy, in the form God created it?

Death is in Your Future: Have You Prepared for it?

The most important event in our life, however, is our physical death – the end of our life when our physical body can no longer support our spirit. It is also an event that we have little or no control over. We cannot prevent it. Death is a certainty, and it is not very predictable. After our body dies, we go on living into eternity. And yet an event as important as this seldom gets the attention in preparation that other less important major events in our life receive. So have you made preparations for this inevitable future event in your life?