Living in The Kingdom of Light

There are two spiritual kingdoms operating in the world today: the kingdom or rule of darkness, and the kingdom of light. Satan is the ruler of the kingdom of darkness, and Jesus Christ is the ruler of the kingdom of light. The spiritual kingdom of light is more powerful, just as in the natural realm when light and darkness collide, light always overcomes darkness immediately. This article will just be a brief survey regarding living in the kingdom of light, the kingdom of Jesus. The most comprehensive record of life in the kingdom of light is the New Testament portion of the Bible. The New Testament record of the Bible starts with the miraculous birth of Jesus, the record of his life, ministry, teachings, death, and resurrection, and then continues on with the writings of the first believers who began to walk in the kingdom of light after Jesus was resurrected and went up into heaven. The New Testament record contains many stories of the kingdom of light invading the kingdom of darkness and setting people free from their sicknesses and problems. To truly understand all the truths and benefits of living in the kingdom of light, a thorough reading and understanding of the New Testament is essential.