The Superiority of Spiritual Food

Did you know that there is physical food and there is spiritual food? One may be enjoying good nutritious physical food and be completely nutrient lacking in spiritual food, or even starving to death spiritually.

The Different Ways God Communicates with Us

Psalm 19 shows us three truths about how God communicates with us, and how we can know him.

Dealing with Unhealthy Anger

Are you caught in a circle of anger and frustration over the "unfair" circumstances of your life, and your powerlessness to be able to do anything about it? If so, then be assured that you are right where God wants you to be, in a position to come to him in faith and helplessness and to "wait patiently for him." Replace your frustration and anger by "delighting yourself in the Lord," and you will soon experience the joy and peace that comes from trusting in God.

How to be Restored from Sickness

The way sickness was viewed in Biblical Old Testament times and the way sickness is viewed today in the 21st century is almost in completely opposite terms. In Old Testament times, sickness was primarily viewed as a judgment from God for sins. This view primarily stemmed from Israel’s experience in the Exodus from Egypt, when God inflicted plagues on the Egyptians. In our modern day post-Darwin era, sickness is almost always viewed as strictly a result of natural causes, with no thought given to spiritual issues such as sin. Medicines and other cures are seen as the remedy for all sicknesses. If a cure does not exist in medicine, it is believed that one will be discovered in the future through scientific research. Both of these views are extreme and imbalanced. Read how King David, the most righteous king that ruled Israel in Old Testament times but nevertheless suffered from sickness, dealt with his illness, and how he was healed and restored. The principles he teaches for restoration from sickness still work today!

Our Need for “Daily Bread”

Do you recognize that you need to depend upon God for your “daily bread?” Do you go to him in prayer asking him to supply you with the healthy food your body requires? Do you trust the people who supply your food? Do you even know who they are? Do they trust God? What will happen if you go to the store one day and find that the shelves are bare because those you put your trust in to supply your food have failed? Is the food you are now buying even healthy, in the form God created it?

Dealing with Stress and Anxiety without Drugs

There are the two biblical principles of dealing with anxiety and stress, and they are the guiding principles for mental health. No drugs are needed. It requires a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, however, and not just an intellectual knowledge about him. So the first step is the spiritual rebirth.

Where does Healing Come From?

Where do you see the source of healing coming from? Who do you turn to when you are sick? When you are healed, who do you give credit to?

God Speaks: Are You Listening?

God knows that we can do nothing apart from him. The very air that we breathe every second of our existence is dependent upon him. He desires a relationship, not religion.

Why Creation is Important in Health

by Brian Shilhavy
In Lystra there sat a man crippled in his feet, who was lame from birth and had never walked. He listened to […]

The Validity of Testimony vs. Science in Understanding Truth

Very few things in life are determined as "true" strictly through the scientific method. Most of the time we rely upon credible testimony. There are many things we base our lives on today as truth that are not learned through scientific discovery. If you want to prove your birth, for example, you produce a birth certificate which is based on testimony, usually the testimony of a physician or person who helped your mother with your delivery. If you want to prove your marriage, you produce a marriage certificate, which is based on testimony, usually the testimony of the person officiating your wedding ceremony, etc. These are examples of the many things we hold true that can NOT be proven through scientific discovery.